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I made a new top. It's a wrap around affair with leopard-print bobbly trim. I bought the bobbly trim on a whim, when I bought the bobbles for my fart-fairy costume. That tutu has much larger bobbles around the waist. But I saw the leopard print stuff and felt that I could find a use for it.

As the case was, I had this fabric on hand, for this same shirt pattern, and the bobble trim went perfectly with it, so I was just darn stinkin' pleased.]

So, I have a new top, and it seems a little bit classy in spite of the bobbly leopard-print trim.

You might not believe it, but up until about a year ago, I was staunchly anti-leopard print. Then I got a bunch of hand-me-down stuff from one of my girlfriends, and there was this one leopard print top in amongst the haul, and I found it flattering in its colors, and surprisingly, shockingly versatile. Also trashily, tackily sexy. So, now I do not shun the leopard print. I'm not majorly obsessed with it, but I do find that it is occasionally just the perfect thing for an accent or to add some funk to what would otherwise be a kind of staid or basic look.

The tee-shirt that started it all.

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