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Questions about yourself, from A to Z (I modified it a little bit from the version I found at Melissa C. Morris's journal.

A-Available or taken? Taken

B-Best Friend? I have several very close friends, and I'm not gonna play favorites

C-Cake or pie? Jamaican Mystery Cake.

D-Drink of choice? Coffee

E-Essential item I use every day: Tom's of Maine Cinnamint toothpaste.

F-Favorite color? Green, orange, red, brown, in that order

Gummy Bears or Gummy worms? Worms.

H-Hometown? Hemingford, NE.

I-Indulgence? LUSH Cosmetics products.

J-January or February? February; it's closer to spring, also shorter.

K-Kids and names – No kids…but I like the names Benjamin, Thomas, Eleanor, and Lydia.

L-Life is incomplete without? Adventure, love, biking, and making stuff.

M-Marriage date – 6-21-98 (divorce pending)

N-Number of siblings: One, my younger sister, Audrey.

O-Oranges or apples? Braeburn apples.

P-Phobias or fears? Heights.

Q-Favorite quote? “I think so, Brain, but how are we going to get a duck to wear pantyhose?” –Pinky, from Pinky & The Brain

R-Reasons to smile? It is Friday, and the weekend weather looks good.

S-Season? Summer.

T-Tea or Coffee? (Coffee, usually, but tea at night in the wintertime).

U-Unknown fact about me: I have ridden, and fallen off of a tallbike.

V-Vegetable you don't like: Lima Beans (oh, the pastiness!).

W-Worst habit: fidgeting violently all the time..

Y-Your favorite food? Pizza.

Z-Zodiac? Um…that thing…for early June…with the twins? Shoot, I know the lucky flower (rose) and gemstone (pearl) but I can't ever remember the name of that symbol.

If you “tag” yourself from this prompt, please leave me a message so I can read your personal alphabet!

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