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Disjointed document

I'm splitting this up into enumerated blocks because I can't comeup with any sort of useful narrative structure, but I have two things I wanted to post about.

1. I am wearing red canvas high-top sneakers today, in the style of Converse All*Stars, but union made, with a portion of the purchase price going to fund the continued publication of Mother Jones magazine. And you know what? They actually fit. Beyond looking pleasantly funky, beyond being socially responsible, they are functional and comfortable.

I am SO sold. I guess I'll go ahead and order the black pair now, too.

With these, plus the replacement boots that I'm going to get one of these days soon, I will be up to three functional pairs of shoes.

I wonder if my sister will let me wear the black sneakers in her wedding…? She has already intimated that I need to get some black shoes for that occasion. (just kidding, sis)

Actually, I have a pair of flats that are pretty wearable and very cute, and an old (but in very good shape) pair of Mary Janes that are okayish to wear. The maryjanes are VERY 1990s, but cute. I'm getting old enough to where I really don't give a crap if my clothes are dated. I think the flats would look better with the 1950s-style dresses I think my sister is probably going to want us to wear.

I'm hoping she picks a color and then lets us forage for our own dresses, because I have a 1955 Butterick's that would be so very perfect for me. Will see what happens. If she doesn't go with that sort of idea, I'm gonna make it for myself for some other occasion, because it is hella, hella cute.

2. Man alive it was cold this morning! I knew it got really cold last night. I woke up freezing in the night, and I have flannel sheets, two thermal blankets and a massive boiled wool blanket on my bed. Until last night, I hadn't been cold all winter. Taping plastic over the bedroom windows has helped immensely, too. I froze butt all last winter. Anyhow, it was cold in the house overall. I went to scoop a spoonful of honey into my oatmeal this morning, and instead of drizzling stickily onto the side of the jar, the honey clung to the spoon. When I stepped out to decide how many layers to wear, a deep breath made me feel like my boogers were freezing. Even thought I wore my nearly invincible super-duty winter gloves of DOOOOOOM my fingers got cold and sore. My shoes kept freezing to my pedals. It was cold, no lie.

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