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I am a dumbass

who never, ever, ever goes shopping.

Where does a dumbass who never goes shopping go to buy a pair of Converse sneakers? Because I'd like to have a pair once again. Or preferably those no-brand ones that aren't made with sweatshop labor.

I'm in a hell of a bind right now, because both of my pair of shoes blew up on me at once. My boots have under half of their original lacing hooks and eyelets, a crack across the instep on one side and the heel is separating from the upper on the other. My docs, the sole has aplit on the left side and the insides of them are all worn out and peeled out. There is no longer any lining/insole.

Considering as how I got nearly 9 years of use out of my boots and 6 from the Docs, that's all pretty well and good, but now I have nothing but totally ratted-out, blown-up shoes, and it sucks.

I know where to get the boots, but I have no idea where to buy Converse. I don't think I want another pair of Docs, but who knows…maybe another time when I don't have to buy two goddamn pair of shoes within the same time period.

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