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I am so over winter it is not even funny. It's not the cold, because it hasn't been that especially cold, not for many days at a time, nor many days all told. It's not because of the snow, since it's only snowed any quantity once so far. In fact, I'd welcome more snow, lots of it, because it would help solve the real problem at hand.

The problem being that Kansas City winters are butt-ugly. It's the visual equivalent of chewing on an old burlap sack: gritty, brown, dirty, and wholly unpleasant in ways you'd never thought too deeply on before. Every morning, as I head to work on 9th Street, I can't help but think, “Oh, blech” as I survey the uninspiring vista of grey sky, bare trees, grey asphalt street with shabby cars parked nose-to-tail along the curb, shabby houses (mostly white, beige, and brown) with ratty, dead yards. Now halfway through January most of the houses that decorated for Christmas still sport their holiday finery, frowsy with having been buffeted by the winds for something on the order of two months. (Decorations started going up before the Thanksgiving turkeys roasted). East 9th Street is not one of Kansas City's more scenic routes, and this time of year, it's a just plain disheartening thoroughfare to travel daily. Blech, again.

A good, hearty snowfall would probably help matters immensely. At least cover the yellow-brown, ratty, dead yards and fluff up the tree branches a bit for a little while. Plus, snow is very fun to bicycle in, so that's always an attraction for me.

It's supposed to snow on Saturday. I'm hoping that the weather stays warmish, and it is one of those gentle, windless snowstorms, where big, fat flakes fall silently, and I can take my bike out and ride in it. There's stage 1 of a three-week epic alleycat (each Saturday for the next three weeks there is some kind of feat of cyclist strength and cunning) and I was wanting to participate in that, then go ride for a bit with Sarah & Christi, then, pedal out to Shawnee, where Joel's work is having their office party, to which S.O.s are also invited. They're going to go bowling, which should be a great time. I warned Joel that I am the worst bowler in the history of history, and I wouldn't miss it for anything. I do heartily enjoy bowling, though I score lower than most people would believe is physically possible. The last time I bowled, my highest score was a 17. And no, I hadn't been drinking, either. I'm just that bad!

If the snowstorm sucks, though, and is windy or sleety/icy, I will be a very sad panda. Firstly, because lousy weather will put a crimp in my pleasure riding plans (because I'm a weenie and don't like riding in sleet…mock me if you will). See above re: weenie.

It might put me off replacing my boots, too. I found the nearest shop which definitely carries my favorite boots is in KCK, not far over the city line, so it won't be a major trip, but a new pair of boots is not worth a ride in buttcheek-freezing temps on slick streets. So if the weather takes a major dive this weekend, getting some non-explodey boots will have to wait another week or so. Still, KCK, Southwest Blvd. is encouraging. I thought I was going to have to trek out to Independence for my boots, but this will be no more than maybe 5 miles away. Woohoo. If the weather isn't too bad, I can get my new boots on the way out to the bowling party.

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