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You never know what You Tube will turn up.

I'd listened to a few other songs by this woman before. She once did a kind of mean, shirty song about stealing another girl's boyfriend, but then she turns around and does this:

Music can be so much…it can be all raunchy, or angry, or just fluffy, or it can be like this. Nobody else has ever done anything like this in the music industry, as far as I know, and I really find it admirable.

I've read a few blogs of women who have had infertility issues, who have either concieved via assistance or adopted; I've seen the “middle-class-American-woman-in-the-suburbs” perspective, but it's for lack of a better word, interesting, to hear it voiced through the entertainment & music industry.

I'm lacking any kind of articulate language skills today, but I encourage everyone to go ahead and watch the video & say what you think in my comments.

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