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It’s like the dark, spoooooky, METAL version of icanhascheesburger. I’ve been kind of fascinated with LOLcats and similar photo-manipulations since Belinda at ninjapoodles.com did a few LOL poodles featuring her ham of a dog Delta (and a few other pets, to be fair).

I’d been vaguely aware of LOLcritters before, but I’d kind of ignored the phenomenon (to my own loss). I had no idea how clever some of them would actually be, and how just-plain-silly the rest were. Sometimes mindless silliness just brings the day up like nothing else would. So, LOLMETAL made my day on Friday. It made me giggle so much, then I had to inflict LOL on Joel.

Joel was a LOL virgin, so I had to send him to cheezburger first, then we hit the LOLMETAL site. Then we spent the rest of the evening talking in LOLcat pidgin. Lame, but fun.

2 Responses to “This may be old to you, but it is new to me”

  1. Belinda says:

    But have you seen FARK’s LOLPRESIDENTS? Great jumping cats, that is some funny stuff!

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