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Last night’s henna barely did a doggone thing. I’m not sure if it was because of my experiment (air-drying instead of leaving it wrapped up in a plastic bag like I usually do) or because that particular chunk of henna was probably about 2 years old, but my hair is barely tinted, when it used to always end up a really lovely, intense auburn.

Bleh. I’m kind of disappointed. Oh well, the conditioning won’t go unappreciated.

2 Responses to “Hair-dye – not so much check”

  1. Celia says:

    Age of henna might affect it, but mainly I think the heat it what does the trick of sinking it in. I wrap mine, but it’s even better when I spent a while hitting it with a hair dryer, too.

    BTW, congrats on your engagement!

  2. Meetzorp says:

    I’m not really engaged yet…not officially.

    The wedding in question is my sister’s! 🙂

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