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Circa 1998-2000-ish, I was a regular reader and poster to the Hissyfit message board (Hi, I used to be Fahrvergnugen), an online bulletin board devoted principally to snark and petty bitchery. Oh, sure, there was intelligent conversation, fun and funny stuff, and good advice, but at its core, it was a deeply disgruntled social norm that shaped the place.

Many of the first blogs I read back in those days, and maybe early 2000-02 were mostly rant-n-rave journals, and I somehow got it into my brain that one malcontents brought the funny.

I’ve since become much less invested in bringing the funny, gotten over the worst of a long run of clinical depression, and learned to self-censor a bit, especially when what I am thinking about saying is stupid, annoying, excessively whiney, or simply deserving of a stiff backhand.

These not-so-deep thoughts brought to you by the “Project to Categorize All Those Imported Entries, So-Help-Me-Rhonda.”

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