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I wore this cool old 1970s corduroy blazer that my grandma gave me today. It was styled with very structured tailoring, and it’s a fairly stout corduroy, smallish-wale, in chocolate brown. It’s a great jacket, but I discovered today that I need to repair the pocket lining in the right-hand pocket, so that the interior of my jacket doesn’t fill up with the contents of my pockets.

I had another offsite errand today and took my business cards with me, and ended up having to stick my hand through my pocket and fish a card out of the interstice between my jacket lining and the jacket itself. Tonight I will rid the jacket of its business card and handkerchief invasion and fix that darn pocket. I have every intention of wearing this one to the upcoming conference I will be working at, and I don’t want to have to go burrowing through the lining every time I need to give somebody my card.

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