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I’ve been toting around a gift certificate to my favorite lingerie shop, Birdie’s since Christmastime.  I’m really bad about gift certificates, because I’m definitely a fair-weather shopper, so certificates I receive in December probably won’t be redeemed until at least March.  As the latter part of this week and the whole of the weekend are predicted to be warm, however, the time may be upon me to go and rustle up some new camisols.

One gets into one’s habits as regards underpants, and I’m quite unwilling to break my “Perfect Panty” habit.  Underpants that don’t show through my clothes, don’t give me a wedgie, and don’t chafe while I’m riding my bike are too good to throw over.  Now on the topic of bustiferous accomodations, I’m more flexible and am willing to give equal playing time to a variety of camisols, tank-tops, light duty brassieres, and even the occasional heavy-duty sports bra, if I’m going to be riding somewhere really rocky.  The jouncing, don’t you know. 

Bridie’s carries the little American Apparel bras with screen-printed motifs or other embellshments.  I have a black one with a bold, yellow set of brass knuckles painted on one cup.  It’s pretty much the awesomest bra ever, if you ask me.  I may get a back-up brass-knuckle bra if she has any more in the next time I am in.  I will be very sad when this one is worn out.

Purdy underthings are one of those super-girly things that I quite enjoy, but which some folks will find a bit shocking.  Sort of like my preference for fancy bath goods such as LUSH soaps or actual posh perfume.  Because nobody sees my camisol, tank, or bra (because I find the whole exposed bra-strap thing just plain WRONG and nobody can convince me otherwise) nobody is likely to know about it, unless of course they read this site.  The perfume/toiletries thing is a little less transparent, for if you get close enough to me, you might notice I smell a little spicy or flowery, and a look at the corner of my bathtub will reveal a couple of bottles of LUSH shower gel and a soapdish with one or another exotic-looking soap or shampoo-bar.

A few years ago, I came to the understanding that a moderate dose of frivolous “girly” stuff was not in any way a bad thing, and was actually damn fun.  LUSH was the gateway drug and a pretty, wine-red satin nightie printed in bronze irises sealed the lingerie deal.  It’s a pretty harmless indulgence and it does help to counterbalance some of my otherwise more hoydenish ways.  Kind of rounds things out a bit – at least I think so!

5 Responses to “Gettin' some new frillies!”

  1. wunnspeed says:

    Birdies is great stuff! Expensive but great stuff. It’s also not just your average pretty underwear store.

  2. meetzorp says:

    I got a pretty sweet little camisol that has green lace around the top and a pattern of green-and-orange pineapples all over it. Still got a little $$ on the card for somethin’ else. They were all out of the little bras that I like, so I’m probably going to wait until they get some more of those in.

  3. wunnspeed says:

    Ehem…. aren’t you supposed to model it? Yes, I’m a guy and I had to write that. 🙂 Anyway, it looks quite cool.

  4. meetzorp says:

    Ha. Ha.

    Not so much.

    Christmas ’06, Joel gave me some fancy undies, and I modeled them thusly.

    This is because I am thoroughly opposed to acting sexy online.

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