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Tax refund!

Like a boring, sensible person, I put my entire federal refund check into savings (I still haven’t got that mythical $600 from old Geo. W.) My state refund was not terribly large, so I decided to treat that as mad money.

Prints from Jane "Jagosaurus" George
So I bought some prints from Jane George’s Etsy shop. I like the way she looks at the world with her camera.. (original views Dandelion against a brick wall, bicycle wheel, and from a "share the road" sign.

I also tracked down a copy of one of my absolute favorite books from childhood, Michael Berenstain’s Troll Book. It’s full of the lore of trolls and it’s got the funniest illustrations detailing the lifestyle, history, and customs of trolls.
Troll Book Cover Scan
I like it just about as much now as I did when I was 8, so I guess my money was well spent. I’d only ever checked it out from the library about 50 times when I was a kid; I never had my own copy. Now, I do.

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  1. Julie Stark says:

    That looks like wonderful fun!

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