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I’m kinda looking around for a new teakettle. Joel had a really nice orangey-red one that I think was from Le Crueset, but one time when his dad was visiting, P.A. had started some water for tea, then fell asleep in the lounge chair (jet-lag from Honduras, I guess) and the kettle burnt dry and the enamel began busting off of it.

P.A. felt bad about asploding Joel’s lovely kettle, so he went out and scoured the local shops and brought back a new kettle within days of the old kettle meeting its demise. The only problem is the handle on the new has been getting steadily more and more wobbly, and you can’t get at any screws or fasteners to tighten it down. I’m afraid the handle will break off sometime when one of us is pouring out a cup of boiling water and the flying kettle will scald the crap out whomever is pouring. It’s no good to be afraid of your own teakettle.

So, I’ve been idly shopping around online for kettles. I’d REALLY like this sweet “tangerine” kettle from KitchenAide It would be a pretty darn close replacement to the old orange kettle, and it looks a darn sight sturdier than the little blue, wobbly kettle.

The other one I saw that really struck my fancy was this Corelle model. I like the stripes; it reminds me a little bit of Japanese painting and a little bit of zebras, but I fear that a mostly-white kettle would end up looking just plain awful awfully fast.

Of course, there’s always classic Revereware, though I’m definitely more inclined to the enameled stainless kettles. Still, it’s worth a consideration; Revereware hasn’t been around forever for no good reason. It would never become dated, either.

This ladybug one is, well, a lot to twee for me, but I figured I’d post it in case somebody reading might be in the market for a ladybug teakettle. ETA: Oh my god…the PIG! That’s cute. But I think I would get sick of him sooner or later. The duck, on the other hand…I don’t know if you could get sick of that.

I think when all is said and done, I will probably go with the Kitchenaide one, but I’m still kinda looking around.

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