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1. Pirate’s Booty: higher cheez-to-poof ratio, plz. KTHXBAI.

2. Ruby has unevenly-sized ears. The right ear is bigger than the left ear, so that when she folds her ears back (which she does when she yawns or is sniffing something very intently) the right ear comes down almost ½” lower on her neck. I kind of hope she retains her cockeyed ears into adulthood. I’ll take and post pictures soon.

3. In the attempt to take full advantage of my insurance while I still have this job, I have a butt-ton of medical-ish appointments coming up. It is a bit nerve wracking have a dentist appointment and an eye appointment in the same week, but I must be responsible about my own health, no matter how much it terrifies and bums me out. I hate going to the doctor because I have kind of a phobia about being weighed (stupid but true) and I hate going to the dentist because I have a phobia (a real one, not a kind-of one) about the dentist’s office. The next two weeks are full of anxiety-laden un-fun for me. At least I’m not afraid of the optometrist, too. Good grief.

4. I realized that both Old Navy and Banana Republic upsize their clothing, but GAP seems to be semi-sane, inasmuch as women’s clothing sizes are sane. Put it this way. I am comfortable with the the size GAP says that I wear. To me this is reasonable and perfectly acceptable and it is what size I wear, full stop. A size smaller, however, seems like a petty prevarication, like knocking 10lb off your weight when registering for a driver’s license and for me to wear something claiming to be two sizes smaller than “my” size is flat out mendacious.. I have this one super-cute bias-cut, striped, four-panel skirt that originally came from Banana Republic and that skirt claims to be two sizes smaller than my “real” size, to which I think every time I wear it, “I see through your feeble ruse, you lying liars.” Flatly unreasonable and full of hooey are their vanity-sizing ways.

5. I’m going to be updating my blogroll soon and then I will begin a new project where I feature each of these recommended blogs and write up a little “why I read this and why you should, too” essay.

6. Have been essentially “triple-dipping” on the exercise-and-activity front lately due to riding home to give the dog a break from the kennel and a potty-jaunt, plus the 45-minute-ish morning and evening walk/run/frolics. Am voracious.

7. Best “weird news” story I’ve read in ages. 26 highschool cheerleaders crammed themselves into an elevator and broke it. Luckily nobody was hurt, so it’s just a “ha-ha, dumb kids” story. Silly, giddy kids at cheer camp.

8. Kago Ai, one of my favorite ex-MoMusu members, has begun to make a showbiz career comeback after she was fired from Hello!Project for a string of scandals. She has re-made her image and reverted to the sweet, amiable, cheerful Kago of yore, but with more maturity and thoughtfulness. My theory is that when she was suspended for a year, then fired, it “scared her straight.” Now she is more focused on how her actions affect not only herself, but her family, friends, and business associates who trust and believe in her. Anyhow, Kago now has a blog (Biscuit Club – what a cute name!) that she uses to update fans on her upcoming projects and share little bits of her daily life, as bloggers do. Of course, I can’t read Japanese, but the wonderful folks over at Hello!Online have started translating her blog in weekly digests for English-speaking readers who want to keep up-to-date with a popular ex-Musume. The Hello!Online news feed is so much fun that I have added it to my sidebar. The Pocket Morning interviews are great; it’s a mini-questionnaire where each week all of the girls are asked the same question, like “what is your family’s nickname for you,” or “what is your favorite ice-cream” and they all post their answers. It’s totally inconsequential, but fun.

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