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New! Pants!

I’ve been sewing the pants I will wear across America. Well, one pair of them. The other pair is in the works.

It’s a polyester blend that should dry fast should I get wet or sweaty, and should be durable, which is good, because I’ll be wearin’ the hell out of these britches.

They’re based on Butterick 6602 a discontinued “Teen Style” pattern from a few years ago. I made my first pair of these pants probably 7 years ago, and have been uniformly pleased with this pattern every time I have used it. While they are not in the least bit fashionable, they are practical and comfortable. I added more pockets…rounded-corner patch pockets on the butt and angled patch pockets at the hipline. There are actually 8 pockets per pair of pants!

This may actually be too many pockets, but I could not stop myself!

Anyway, on to the pictures, ’cause “this post is no good without pictures.”
(note: click image for larger view)
New pants, messy sewing room Even the hem is co-ordinated

Yeah, I know the fly looks like hell.  Do I care?  Not much, actually. Squiggly topstitching makes me happy!

Here’s a bonus picture of the abominable fabric I used as lining for the in-seam hip pockets (elusive pockets #7 & #8).
Pocket lining fabric.  Hella ugly, right?

2 Responses to “New! Pants!”

  1. wipeout says:

    Those are some funky pants! I love the stitching.

  2. meetzorp says:

    Thanks! I’m pretty happy with the result. The other pair are coming out even better. There will be pictures soon!

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