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A while back, I realised that I no longer owned any mascara, and I wanted some. I knew that MAC cosmetics doesn’t do animal testing and that they had a shop that was within reasonable cycling distance and is situated smack in the midst of the Plaza, some of Kansas City’s most supreme people-watchin’ turf.

So back when I bought my fanfuckintastic GAP jeans, I decided to go completely wild and buy myself a mascara, too, since I was being all consumeristic.

Well, hell. I should have saved my money. This is the WORST mascara I have ever owned. It’s more like runny asphalt caulk. It’s sticky, it clumps up my eyelashes, and if I get it on my skin (which pretty much ALWAYS happens because I suck at makeup) it leaves ginormous smears that wear off over the course of a few face-washings. Also, it’s stark jet black, which looks really trashy on me.

This is some terrible damn mascara, folks, and I spent all of $12 on the awful stuff. Bleh.

I need to find mascara that fits two criteria: 1. not tested on animals and 2. Doesn’t suck.

Point #2 can be broken down as follows:
2.1 Doesn’t stay sticky
2.2 Doesn’t clump eyelashes into dreadful little spikey wads
2.3 Easy to remove from skin in the inevitable event that I smear it on my face.
2.4 Is not jet black – charcoal or super deep brown are preferred

So…if anyone who reads my blather has any suggestions and wants to share, I’d be awfully appreciative of some advice.

2 Responses to “MAC mascara – not so terribly fabulous”

  1. jagosaurus says:

    “It’s more like runny asphalt caulk.”

    Ouch. And good to know.

    I love the following:
    -Covergirl Lash Blast (orange container; available in two brown shades)
    -Maybelline’s classic Great Lash (pink or pink/green container; available in two brown shades)

    Invest in a good eye makeup remover, which can also be found quite affordably at the drug store. It’s so worth it.

  2. Audrey says:

    I agree michelle, the only mascera I use is the maybelline great lash in the pink tube with the green lid. They carry navy blue as well!

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