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Hello from St. Louis

Well, we KATY-trailed it for a couple of days and got to just outside of St. Louis last night.  After I get done here at the library, we’re going to the grocery store and getting back on the road-road.

We had a great camping spot last night in an abandoned barn.  Couldn’t hardly have been more convenient or picturesque.  Actually, the ease of camping along the KATY could have gotten us spoiled, but we’re now conditioned to looking for good spots to pull up for the night that I think we’ll get right back into the swing of it.  The KATY trail was a nice warm-up after nearly a week off the road, though.

It was awfully nice to swing by home and check things out.  I’d been seriously concerned that Ruby might have forgotten me, but she remembered me – and how! When we rode past James & Dahlia’s house, Ruby and Nieve were lounging around out front, and all I had to say is, “there she is!” and her tail started thumping back and forth wildly.  When we went up to the house, she pounced on me, wagging, licking, head-butting, and generally making quite a display.  It could go to a person’s head if you let it.

It was great to get to hang out with some of our friends.  Before we’d left, Christi had gone on vacation, and I hadn’t gotten to hear about her trip yet.  We had brunch with Joel’s mom and recounted our adventures (and I hope eased her mind about the coyotes and tarantulas!).  We had a good hang-out with James & Dahlia and with Justin.  Just getting to hang out and shoot the bull was a great battery-recharge 🙂

So, now we’re back on the road and feelin’ pretty good.  Joel swapped out his BOB traile for panniers.  I edited my gear a little.  We stocked up on food for the KATY leg of the trip (and I’m glad we did – most of those little towns along there are SO small that grocery stores are few and far between).  We’ve got our return tickets from Charleston SC booked for the 21st, so we’ve got to be there by then.  Everything else between then and now is to be determined!  Probably normal days of 60-65 miles (pretty do-able all things considered).

Wish us continued good weather and easy camping!  We’re back on the road and doing much better.

3 Responses to “Hello from St. Louis”

  1. Possum says:

    If’n you guys get an opportunity, try to give me a (short) call before you get back. The jig/fixture deal may need some kind of solidification prior to Halloween. Said owner sold his house and doesn’t want to cart it all to Texas.

  2. Possum says:

    Oh, and enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. meetzorp says:

    Thanks, man!

    I took down your # and will have Joel give you a call tonight.

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