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Yep, I rode my old-trusty Trek 800 today to run a few errands. Too bad I managed to complete none of my errands.

It was an extravagantly frustrating day, to be honest. I had two pieces of business to accomplish. #1 was to go downtown and correct the ownership record on my old house. For some reason, when my ex and I divorced and I retained the house & refinanced the loan in my own name, this information was never recorded with the county, even though it was supposed to have been done when the divorce was recorded. In a bit of a panic, I checked to be sure the divorce was recorded. At least they got that right.

Anyhow, I have already been in twice on this property record deal, once to get the paperwork, once to file it, only when I went to file it, I was told that it was incomplete and partially incorrect and that one of the forms I had was outdated, so I asked the clerk for step-by-step instructions (which I wrote down) and a checklist of what I would need to bring this time. Well, to make a long and tedious story shorter, he left out a step, and now I will have to go in again on Monday. I will be so glad when I can sell that house and not have to fool around with anything related to it anymore!

My second errand which I failed to accomplish was getting my new asthma prescription filled. Right now, since I am out of work, I am on Joel’s insurance – theoretically. In the eyes of CVS, I do not exist on any insurance plan. According to the pharmacist, I could go ahead and pay cash for my prescription. Out of curiosity (and because my asthma has really been kicking up lately) I asked what the cost would be to just pay outright. $174 for the one inhaler and $35 for the other. Since I’m all unemployed, I considered that $200+ was more money than I had available to spend, so I’m just gonna have to wheeze until I can get this insurance thing straightened out.

The only good thing about today’s errand running was that I was able to ride my bike to go out and accomplish nothing. Sure, it was all of maybe 7.5 miles all told, but it was out in the fresh air, and I had no trouble at all. My shoulder only twinged a little when I signaled left-hand turns. Considering this success, I am definitely going on the ACME Saturday ride this weekend.

2 Responses to “At least I got to ride my bike”

  1. Jeff says:

    You coulda been a Mormon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If there’s a Costco nearby, check out their prices for generic prescriptions. You don’t need to be a Costco member to patronize the pharmacy. I’ve had good luck doing that. I also called my doctor and had her switch my prescription to a lower-cost brand, since I’m in a similar position to you. Plus, I found out that the cost of the lower-cost asthma inhaler varied wildly from pharmacy to pharmacy, so I called around until I was able to score a Pro-Air HFA albuterol sulfate inhaler for about $23 at CVS. Hope things work out well for you soon!

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