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Pretty much says it all. Right now I spend most of my time applying for jobs, willing the phone to ring, and sewing. With breaks here and there for dog-walking, when Ruby makes a point about it:

Ruby sez,"Enough sewing, let's go for a walk!"
Enough with the sewing, crazy lady…let’s go for a walk!

What you see under Ruby’s chin is part of the jacket I just made – a sleeve if I remember correctly.

Here’s the finished product. I am not entirely crazy about this pattern, so probably this is the only time I will use it. It turned out way boxier than I had really anticipated, and is much less Jackie Kennedy and way more Church Lady.

At least the buttons are cute.


The French darts in the front and back waist are my addition to the pattern. The original design had no darts whatsoever, and the princess seaming doesn’t actually lend much shape. It was mega-unflattering. It’s still not really the best shape for me, but it could be worse. It will be okay over fitted jeans, but when I use the nice tweed that I was going to make this out of, I will be using a much more shapely pattern. Butterick 4863 Option D

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