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Overcoming my own….

Klutziness? Fever-addled incompetence? Loss of mind?

Fail Skirt
Whatever you want to call it, at midafternoon on Friday, things were not coming together as planned. I was starting to feel a better from my little bout with the flu, but I obviously wasn’t up to full power.

Fortunately, today I was back on the right track, and went ahead and finished my new skirt properly:
New tee-shirt and skirt I recently made New tee-shirt and skirt I recently made
The shirt is new, too – there was enough left over from that v-neck to go ahead and make a tee-shirt, too. It was free fabric, and I wasn’t sure exactly how much I had. Two shirts worth, evidently. I really like this stuff; it’s a good color for me and it is a nice, soft, thick knit. Shouldn’t show bra-straps or anything else unfavorable.

The denim for this skirt was an off-cut I bought from one of Tomboy Designs fabric sales. Periodically, she clears out her odd-ball bits and pieces of left over fabric, and people like me can get premium fabric at minimal prices. This slubby stretch denim made up a great skirt in a classic style, and cost me maybe $4 or $5, at most.

I’ve got another v-neck top planned that is going to look spectacular with this skirt and a pair of plum colored tights I have. When I get that top done, I will actually take a picture of myself wearing all of this stuff as a proper outfit. I hate taking pictures of myself, but I think the whole outfit is going to be pretty chic, so I’ll buck up. I will try to not end up looking too doofy.

2 Responses to “Overcoming my own….”

  1. Elaina says:

    Oh man, don’t you hate when that happens? It looks adorable and I love the top.


  2. meetzorp says:

    Thanks! I’m happy with how it ultimately turned out, but there was a certain amount of impassioned swearing when I discovered my initial mistake.

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