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A tough act to follow

After Joel’s gonzo recap of Saturday’s pub crawl, there ain’t much I can say so instead I am going to let my pictures do most of the talkin’

What? You don’t park your bike this way?



These folks are doing what you're supposed to do on a pub crawl!
Jill & Wade show us how it’s done. I think it’s a nice touch that Jill’s beer matched her sweater. This is a woman who knows style!

the Love Train (comin' thru!)
Speaking of style, the infamously be-kilted John Harter bring, brang, brung it. He and Aaron powered this twitchy, two-wheeled juggernaut to terrifying speeds. They couldn’t stop, steer, or hop, so they had to resort to yelling a lot and hoping the crowds would part. “Love Train, comin’ thruuuuuuuu!”

Joel & the Clown Bike. I explained to an online friend that Joel’s bird-flipping was a lot like the ubiquitous “peace sign” that you see Japanese schoolgirls flashing in all of their snapshots. It doesn’t mean much; it’s just what you do when somebody takes your picture.

It wasn’t all bird-flipping, bike-riding, and beer-guzzling, though. Some people found the time to get all lovey-dovey.

Umm…..each in our own way, I suppose.

3 Responses to “A tough act to follow”

  1. wunnspeed says:

    That tandem that Aaron is riding looks a bit too familiar. You know why? Because it’s mine! I seem to need to have a talk with that boy… and my brother! 🙂

  2. meetzorp says:

    Yeah, they told me about the provenance of said tandem. There was in implication that its orneriness could be traced to its previous owner.

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