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Well, I had a couple of really, really nice surprises this morning.

#1 is that Joel thought today was Valentines Day, so I got a lovely treat of LUSH goodies a day early. I’ve now got a selection of lovely soaps (ice blue, sexy peel and yay! karma) and a fab shower gel called Flying Fox that smells sooooo posh! It reminds me of their shampoo they call Godiva. If they ever release a perfume based on that Jasmine scent, I am definitely jumping on the bandwagon. While I was looking for the links to Godiva and Flying Fox, I found this which is something I will look into some day, when I have a job and get my finances back where they ought to be.

#2 surprise of the day was that my camera arrived much earlier than expected. I had an e-mail yesterday saying that it had shipped, so I expected it Monday or Tuesday, but they must have sent the e-mail after they’d sent it off, because bright and early this morning, a woman from FedEx rang the bell and handed me a box from the Canon Factory Service Center. Yay!

So, I uploaded some of the pictures that I took the day Griswald tackled my tripod to the floor, and here’s that darn blouse in action.

reasonably acceptible.
This is basically how it looks, and how I would probably wear it under normal circumstances.

I tried it with a couple of different skirts, but because it is so shockingly frilly, the combined effect of this prissy-prissy blouse with a skirt was just completely nauseating. Wholly intolerable. Basically it makes me look like one of those Loli-Chan boneheads, and despite my shameful love of J-Pop, I really don’t roll that way.

This is why I don't wear this shirt with a skirt
Does anyone know the Japanese word for “barf”?

check out my "guns" prepare for liftoff
Obviously, the fluffy sleeves enable pretty significant goofing for the camera.

I must say that I feel pretty conspicuous in this top. It’s just so lacy and frilly and over the top femmy. I think it’s going to be one of those things I can only wear when I’m feeling pretty sassy and self confident, because it is kind of a ridiculous piece of work.

4 Responses to “The pic that busted my camera”

  1. celiathepoet says:

    Maybe with a denim skirt? That skirt is too much, but the jeans, eh…I think there are more options. That blouse is pretty, and exactly what I would have worn a few years ago. Too–frilly? young? something–for me now. Wear it, baby!

  2. meetzorp says:

    Nah, it looked kind of dumb with both of the denim skirts I have. I think it’s just too fussy to wear with anything other than jeans.

    It’s not really my normal style, so I’m definitely going to play it kind of safe whenever I wear it.

  3. Nora Charles says:

    I like it with the jeans but I think it would look cute with a pencil skirt and boots, too.

  4. Lady_Catherine says:

    I like it with the jeans. 🙂

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