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So, the Dirty Kanza looms ahead.

This year, I’m gonna be prepared! This year, I am planning to team up with some riders who ride around the same sort of pace I do, and NOT GET LOST THIS TIME! I fully understand my limitations, chief amongst which is a complete and utter lack of direction sense, so I’m hoping I can rely on other folks who are a little more canny than I am and we can all get through it together. My sole goal is to finish. Finishing is quite sufficient and an accomplishment unto itself. Yep. So, that’s the plan.

And this weekend, the unfortunately named Bone Bender 3/6 will be a fine warm-up event. I’m going in the 6hr race, just to say I done did it. I’m going to take advantage of the reduced price for the ladies and ride in the solo female class in the 6 hour.

I’m frankly stoked to have the opportunity to bust out the Redline again. I haven’t ridden that bike since we got back from Charleston, and that was when it was in full touring trim. It’s back to being a singlespeed mountain bike once again, and it’s lots of fun that way.

I’m also pretty excited about getting to go ride out at Smithville. I’ve only ridden out there once before, and it was January ’08, when there was about a foot and a half of snow on the trail, and so it as mostly a matter of busting through the drifts, but from what I could tell (and from what I’ve heard from other riders) the Smithville trails sound like just my style of riding, so I am looking forward to checking that out.

Should be good times, I reckon!

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