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Just What I Needed

Christi just got a frisbee that has a little LED light thingy in the middle of it.

What this means is that this frisbee can be lit up at night and the more die-hard (and nutty) Friz enthusiasts can now play Friz even after the Daylight Saving time change.

We tested this theory this evening to a rousing success. The illuminated frisbee seems to be sturdy enough for reasonable gameplay, flys well, is easy to catch, and is overall quite satisfactory for after-dark games of bike-friz.

A group of us had a real nice little informal, after-sundown game of Friz this evening. I’d been kind of brain fried after work and wasn’t really feeling it, but I forced myself out of my shell and am damn glad I did. The game turned out to be a total blast, Melissa turns out to be a natural at Friz, and we’ve decided that the time has come for more Chariot Races. I’m going to confirm an address tomorrow, and will be back and spreading the good word about the upcoming Chariot Racing Extravaganza. There will almost certainly be mayhem, unsound engineering, cussing, beer, and injury, so you know you WANT to be there, either as a spectator or a participant. And there’s no rule saying you can’t do both.

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