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That’s what I asked myself as I pulled this outfit together:


I think it will be pretty awesome. I love mixing unexpected patterns, and this oddly spotted top paired with a vintage plaid wraparound skirt is an unlikely duo. I usually wear a plain, solid colored top with this skirt: cream, black, or brown usually, since I don’t have a solid maroon top. But this black-cream-maroon-and-pink knit v-neck tones really well, and the proportions ought to work well. Not shown are the black flat mary-janes or the necklace that I’ll wear (probably one made of tiny opalescent seed beads that shine in green, purple, and bronze).

i failed fashun: fashun is what I failed.
Okay, it’s these shoes, but with better socks and less LOLSPEEK.

I guess this counts as Wardrobe Remix, though I can’t post this to the pool since I am not modeling it and all. But I did do something different with clothes I already own. In the case of the skirt, clothes I have owned for a really long time. I think I bought that skirt in 2000 or 2001, not long after I moved to Kansas City & needed grownup clothes for my first office job. I need to make more use of this skirt. Its got this nerdy librarian vibe that has always made me happy. I have another from the same shopping trip, slightly earlier era, that is also currently underutilized in my working wardrobe. I’ll be remedying that shortly:

Could that skirt hardly be any nerdier? Or plaidier?

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