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Man, I had the BEST ride home from work today.

It was snowing like all get-out and I have this crazy powerful headlight (a Niterider Tri-Newt) which was illuminating the swirling flakes. The streetlights were doing a pretty good job of it, too. It was snowing pretty heavily and was also windy, and with all that illumination going on, the whole world looked swirly and sparkly.

It was kind of like a really wild snow-globe. Especially along 9th street in the bottoms, where the buildings are built with little setback from the streets, so intersections became wind-tunnels with odd eddies of snow at one end or the other. The way the wind gets diverted between some of the buildings creates some very odd effects with the snow: drifts, whirlpools, and snakes. Since there was absolutely NO traffic whatsoever, I just grooved on the whole sense of disorientation. There wasn’t anything to stress out about!

As I was riding home, I thought I should grab my camera and film a bit of the snowfall. Since it is such a pleasant, hypnotic sight I filmed a couple of angles.

This is just straight forward, such as the view would be from aboard a bicycle, ‘cept this is only in our backyard.

And this is straight up, which looks kind of like fireworks.

Well, anyone local who was dreaming of a white Christmas is getting their dream come true tomorrow. And I should have a good commute in to work tomorrow.

Well, well, Season’s Greetings to all who’ll have ’em! Cheers!

Also, because I mentioned kaleidoscopes and I love them, here are some kaleidoscope videos:

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