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And really bad at coming up with titles for blog entries.

But there it is…my mundane superpower is probably being able to sleep in really odd places.

  • Age 15 – took a 2 hour nap on the basement staircase at my grandparents’ house after enduring a 22-hour ride all hunkered up in the backseat of a Volkswagen
  • Age 18 – slept through the night in the backseat of a Volkswagen after getting locked out of the dorm due to missing curfew and fearing getting in trouble with the security guard if I came back after-hours.
  • Age 23-26 sleeping on the bus on my way home pretty much every day throughout the winter months.  It’s amazing the way people will leave you the fuck alone when you sleep on the bus.  And I only slept past my stop twice in all the times I slept on the bus.
  • Age 25 – for one golden year there was this unused conference room at my work where I could go in and nap my lunch hour away.  This was an optimal situation. Then one of the managers took it over as an office.
  • Age 28 – during my short-lived participation in WAKA, I would get to the playing field about an hour before everyone else, as I rode there after work.  It didn’t make sense to ride home only to turn around and ride back, so I’d get to the park early and totally sleep on a picnic bench.  Nobody ever ran me out of the park, although it’s almost certain I looked like a vagrant at least 50% of the time.
  • Age 31 – on our cross-country tour, Joel and I slept in all sorts of unaccountable places including:
  • behind a McDonald’s in broad daylight, we took about a 2 hour siesta because it was hot as hell and the Sierra Nevadas were kicking our ass.
  • beneath a bay tree on the road in to Yosemite – we were all of about 10′ off the road…we lunched and siestaed there ’cause I wasn’t feeling well.  Turns out I was coming down with a cold!
  • behind more gravel piles in Nevada than you’d want to count
  • behind practically every small-town firehall in Tennessee.
  • In the underbrush of somebody’s driveway in Arizona when we’d failed to find any other, better accommodations – we were never found out, either!
  • Age 32 – have discovered the copier room at my new work makes a fine lunch-break napping spot during the weekends.  I’m still looking for the optimal regular-week snooze spot, though.  I really like to get in a half-hour-ish nap on my lunch break whenever I can manage it.

I’m sure I will sleep in many other odd places before I go down for the big Dirt Nap.  It seems to be a talent of mine.

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