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But the opening animation was AWESOME:

We’ve had about a 50/50 rate of hits and misses with Netflix. The movies that we’ve gotten and enjoyed were really great and the ones that sucked were almost unbelievably awful. The nice thing about Netflix is that it’s so inexpensive that if you get a dud, you can just return it and not feel like you are out much but the time. And the 45 or so minutes we bore with “What’s New, Pussycat” were way more time than we should have put into that contrived, uncomfortable, plodding streak of shit.

The following are my reactions, as posted to Facebook, the night we tried to watch that movie:

Next to “Talledega Nights,” I think “What’s New Pussycat” is the WORST movie I’ve only been able to stand to watch halfway through.

I honest to god though that was one of the most tedious, cringe-worthy, un-funny piece of crap I’ve ever wasted 40 minutes of my time on (I couldn’t stand it enough to see it through to the end). I thought that movie sucked with a vital power of suckitude not lightly given to mortal men. Can I spell it out any more plainly? That movie nearly made me barf from a combination of boredom, frustration, and disgust for the utter misogyny of it all.

The one thing I found really and truly funny in Pussycat was Peter O’Toole’s dancing. By the standards of anyone or any era, he is an appalling dancer. He looked like he was being electrocuted. And *that’s* supposed to be Mr. Suave & Debonair?

If the movie were as stylish and clever as the opening animation, it would have been a charming piece of work. This is one movie that aged really, really badly.

3 Responses to “This movie basically sucked balls”

  1. SFuller says:

    Wooooah, woooah, woah, woah!!! I now know how to greet you when I see you again in June. 😉

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Joel calls me “Pussycat” when he’s desperate for a scrote-withering death glare. For some reason he seems to think that the stink-eye is funny.

  3. SFuller says:

    The last thing I need is an artificially withered scrote. The dry weather of Kanzas will cause enough of that. 🙂

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