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Total Dork

I don’t write for ages, don’t do anything of any discernable value, and then come in here and do this:

Apparently, this guy is the guy we can blame for Hooked On A Feeling. It’s way different with an electric sitar instead of ooga-chackas.

Then, in 1971 this enormous dork improved it immeasurably with a bunch of oooga-chackas.

And of course, in 1974, these Swedish dorks make it REALLY famous.

And somehow, David Hasselhoff managed to make it even weirder. He was probably drunk.

Sorority Girl version.

If there was any symmetry in this world, the Demon Divas would date A Whole Step Up.

I’ll probably write something a little more…less-made-of-idiotic-music-videos soonishly. My brains haven’t been worth much just lately. But I’m doing a bunch of sewing, so at least there will be something to take pictures of in the near future.

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