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Makin’ stuff (Part 1)

I’ve been on a real sewing binge lately, so here’s some of the stuff I have made:

Applique-decorated capri pants. (Front)
and back
In action (with a shirt I made last winter)
McCall's M5633 (modified)
Gratuitous butt-shot.

These pants rock!
This is the other cool pair of pants I made. Yes, they are bell bottoms. They are also AWESOME.

Vogue V2907 (Alice + Olivia)
The rear view is the best part of these pants. The pockets are from another pattern. This one was drafted to have welt pockets, but I didn’t have the patience to make welt pockets – and I think these are better anyway.

I also made two pair of regular office pants. Khaki. One pair is cargo style, the other is just pants style. Boring. Not worth photographing, especially. The just-pants style ones have buttons holding down the belt loops and the cargo ones have leopard-print buttons, so they don’t totally spew boredom out into the world. Maybe I’ll photograph them when I photograph the shirts I recently made.

Coming soon, then…semi-boring office pants and a bunch of shirts made in different styles from the same pattern. Stay tuned…or something like that.

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