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By Michelle, age 32.

Khakis are a type of pants. They come in many styles and several colors ranging from almost white to dark olive green, but most of them are kind of tan. Khakis can be long or short or kind of middle-ish in length. Khakis like that are sometimes called Capris or Pedal Pushers or Floods. Or if you are a man, they can be called Shpants, also.

The life-cycle of khakis starts when they are new. They can come from a store, or they can be made out of mid-weight, tan, twill-woven cotton fabric. Khakis are new when nobody else has worn them yet. They can also be almost-new if they came from a thrift store, but nobody had worn them very much. That’s pretty close to the beginning of the life-cycle of khakis.

When khakis are new, they mostly look pretty good. Not usually great, but better than okay. They’re usually spotted in environments that are called “office casual” because they are casual pants that are okay for most offices.

One of the things about khaki pants is that you can wash them in a washing machine a lot. Most of the time they get clean pretty well, but sometimes they don’t really and after a while they start to always look kind of dirty. When they get to the point where they always look kind of dirty, they go into the next phase of their life cycle when they stop being seen at work and are pretty much only seen at home. If they’re not too bad, they might be worn to the store or something, but when they get even older and they always look filthy then they’ve reached the almost the end of their life cycle when they are only good to wear in the garden or garage. At this stage they have a lot of stains on them, like paint or grease or old gum or spaghetti sauce or blood. Maybe they have some holes in them too, but they haven’t quite gotten to the end of their life cycle.

The very last stage of the life cycle of khaki pants is when they just completely stop working. This can happen when the seat rips all the way across or maybe the zipper won’t stay up anymore or one of the legs falls off. Whenever it happens, you will definitely know because it is pretty easy to tell when a pair of khaki pants has died.
A pants emergency

When this happens, the life cycle of khaki pants has ended. If you want you can always start the cycle all over again with a new pair or an almost new pair.

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