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Here’s some more stuff I have made recently, with some more to come.

I did a big closet-and-drawer cleanout at the end of winter and got rid of a bunch of stuff that I just don’t wear anymore. Things that never were quite right, or things that weren’t right anymore. My wardrobe has traditionally been a repository for hand-me-downs, stray clothes, and thrift-shop impulse purchases and as such didn’t always function too sensibly. So I started taking active notice of the clothes that I wore the most and determined to either make or thrift-shop for other similar articles that would be more useful for me.

I had two cream colored tops that I found myself wearing ALL the time.
thrift scores 120
This one is a linen net with tucking and lace applique trim.
thrift scores 115
The other is a lace cross-over top with a built in lining and 3/4 sleeves.

The lace top, however, is WAY too warm for my office, so every time I wear it to work, I end up sweating and miserable. The linen one has really scratchy lace around the neckline and sleeves and so I always end up with very irritated skin, especially when it is at all warm out.

So I determined that cream colored tops were in order since these two, drawbacks notwithstanding, saw so much wear.

I also happened to be in possession of about half a bolt of cream-colored tone-on-tone floral print knit fabric, several different patterns for knit pullover tops, and a fair amount of spare time. The following is what came of it:

Simplicity 9974 View 2
This is that drawstring-neck tee that I’m so crazy about. Easy-peasy and you can let the neckline in and out at will. I was fortunate to have a random bit of cream floral ribbon on hand that is a perfect match.

Simplicity 4020 View E (Front)
Kimono-inspired crossover top – I’ve since trimmed the excess fabric away from the facings.

Simplicity "Grooves" 9592 (Front)
Sort of a peasant-blousey affair. I didn’t realize it when I made it, but my shoulders are a little too wide for this pattern, so it is always slightly off-the-shoulder. It turned out a little sexier than I planned, but not too scandalous.

New Look 6730 modified (Front)
Regular ol’ v-neck tee. Another one that has since enjoyed a significant facing trim-down.

Simplicty "Grooves" 8869 (front) View D
3/4 sleeve shirt with overlapping shoulder seams. This one was suuuuper easy to put together and I’m making another one in magenta.

I’ve got a couple of pair of Talbot’s pants that I like.
Talbot's Ultrasuede cargos
A pair of Ultrasuede cargo pants that I got at the Junior League thrift shop.

Brown pants waistline detail
And these brushed-cotton trousers with button trim on the waistband from an unbelievably profitable dumpster-dive.

I realized that of all pants that I owned, these were the ones that were being worn all the time. So I cast about for a pattern that would reasonably replicate these two and found precisely what I wanted in one of the Simplicity Project Runway designs.

I made two pair:
Simplicity 2477 "Project Runway" (View C)
The first pair are just basic khaki office pants, but they have the buttoned belt-loops, and I found some rather pretty faux-tiger’s-eye buttons for them:
Simplicity 2477 "Project Runway" (View C)

Simplicity 2477 "Project Runway" (View E/F)
The other pair are cargos with leopard print buttons.

They’re just basic office pants with a bit of a twist. On account of them being twill woven cotton pants fabric, they always look a bit rumply and bunchy but their main function is a sort of bluejeans simulacrum (basic butt-covering, goes with damn near anything) so I’m not too fussed about the smartness or tidiness of their overall appearance. I’m pleased with these patterns, though, and will certainly make them in better fabrics next time around.

I’ve got some other tops I’m working on, this time in actual colors. Plain, mostly ribbed knits in various solid colors. Look for them in an upcoming entry!

In the process of my wardrobe-cleanout, I realized that I really needed some solid color tops, since I wear print skirts a LOT. Most of my skirts are printed or patterned and generally look best with a fairly plain top. I’ve been trying to find some good tops in the thrift shops, but too much of the stuff is cap-sleeved which looks dreadful on me, or sleeveless which is not even in consideration, considering I’m not over punctilious about depiliation. So in order to get some plain tee-shirt-ish tops with actual short sleeves, I have gone back to my roots and gone back to my sewing machine. I’ve just finished two pink tops (one kind of coral, the other bubblegum) and am starting on a lemon yellow one. I have a couple of skirts that are going to look super cute with my new tops, and I’m looking forward to these upcoming wardrobe options.

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