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Some years ago, before the Performing Arts Center was being built, the site was an empty lot which sometimes sprouted construction debris, household waste, and random rubble.

Abandoned Bathtub

This scurffy old bathtub was one of the denizens of the lot before it was ousted in favor of what is becoming quite an arresting structure – a pass between the Sydney Opera House and a rolled-up armadillo, clad in shiny silver metal sheathing (I want to say sheet aluminum) the new Performing Arts Center is a striking and attractive addition to the downtown skyline.

Performing Arts Center
Credit SpaceGuy1969 from Flickr.

I like looking down from Penn Valley Park at it…it looks like some kind of fanciful alien crustacean squatting amidst the towers of the business district.

Kauffman Center approaches completion (2 of 5)
Credit JimSawThat from Flickr.

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