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Back fooling around with jersey fabric…this time in more than one sense. Stef, one of my favorite internet wits and fabulous NJ native has been wont to describe leopard print as “the New Jersey Neutral.” And it’s true…leopard print can go with or on just about anything. In this case, I think the overall effect is reasonably subtle and subdued…for leopard print, of course.

Surplice-bodiced dress from Simplicity 3775…sleeve pattern adapted from Simplicty 4076. Somehow, I felt that this dress would look better with short flutter sleeves than with any of the sleeve options provided with 3775. I have thus far made this dress without the ruched midriff panel, but Slapdash Sewist had good results with it, and as I have a similar figure, I think it would work just fine for me, too.

Here’s a closeup of my kickass Ultrasuede neckline trim.
It would probably be a little better if the Ultrasuede were a little stretchier, but I really, really wanted a contrast neckband, didn’t have any other knit fabric, and liked how the tan Ultrasuede looked against the leopard print Jersey. It stands away from the neck a bit like a kimono neckline is supposed to, so I pretend that it is a nod to Japanese style.

Here is the departing view. This is a seriously good sashaying dress, I might add.

This is the other dress I’ve made with this pattern.

I definitely like the surplice neckline better and will use it with all future iterations of this pattern. It’s thrifty on fabric, works great for my figure, goes together super easy, and is really, really cute. This is definitely a pattern I will be copying on to Tyvek for posterity.

2 Responses to “Now, *that’s* a Jersey dress”

  1. Nellig says:

    Love it. You manage to give all your stuff a cheeky subversive quality. Yum.

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I never thought of it that way.

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