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Slade pretty much owns over Quiet Riot.

QR basically made their fortune in America as a Slade cover band, but they lacked something crucial. Noddy Holder.

Good lord, I love the bassline of this song. It literally makes me happy.

A little better effort than on Mama Weer All Crazy, but still…I gotta say I prefer the Slade version.

Nothing at all to do with Quiet Riot. Just Slade, bein’ Slade, all plaid, loud, and rude, and dirty.

Last one for tonight.

2 Responses to “Completely frivolous subjective fake-controversial opinion of the evening:”

  1. Nellig says:

    Speaking of faux Slade, have you ever seen Reeves & Mortimer’s “Slade in Residence” sketches, envisioning the domestic life of the iconic glam-rockers? Mesmerising.

  2. Meetzorp says:

    That is so brilliant I can’t even think straight after having watched it. Reeves & Mortimer are delightfully silly men.

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