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  • Ruby continues to hold steady at just under 50lb, therefore she continues to qualify for the cheaper heartworm preventative.  Rejoicing commences.
  • Griswald behaves himself in the car – minor bitching only, no yowls of evisceration.  Moreover, he completely fails to piss himself.  Earns reward of catnip upon return home.
  • Minnie, on the other hand, manages to produce a shit of epic stench shortly after embarking on our return trip.  The drive home was nearly unbearable, even with the windows down.
  • This leads to a song being spontaneously generated to the tune of <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSih4o2YfmA”>Somebody Put Something In My Drink”</a> with the refrain of “somebody, somebody did a doodie in my truck.”

And so, now everyone is vaccinated for the year 2012, Ruby has her next six months of heartworm preventative, and I need to go hose out a PetTaxi and maybe hit it with a little bleach.

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