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IMG_4758 by Meetzorp
IMG_4758, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr.

I decided to go back and exposure-correct this picture from Joel’s and my coast-to-coast trip today. We are standing in the rigging of the Adventure, a replica coastal trader ship which is part of the Charles Towne Landing living history site.


This young fellow, whom I believe was named James, showed us around the ship and filled us in on the typical use of a ship of this type, and of the history of this replica ship in particular.

This guy was REALLY into the whole naval re-enactment scene, and I often wonder if he’s still into it, and how all that’s going for him. It’s always fun to meet someone who has a real passion for something completely esoteric, such as 17th century naval maneuvering or vacuum-tube radio restoration.

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