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Never let it be said that I am a wasteful woman. From 1.5 yards of 60″ wide woolen jersey, I wrought:

1. IMG_0414
One 3/4 sleeved pullover top.

2. IMG_0411
One lace-trimmed tank-top/camisole.

3. IMG_0408
A sports-bra.

All for under $40.

2 Responses to “More pink wool than you can shake a stick at..”

  1. Lisa says:

    I bow before your craftiness and thriftiness, but I do wonder how a woolen sport bra works. Does it fasten in the back? Does the wool have any stretch to it? Do you have a bosom of a practical size?

  2. Meetzorp says:

    It’s a woolen jersey – kind of like tee-shirt fabric, so it stretches quite a bit.

    There’s no fastening. Like most sports bras, it is just elasticated around the neck, armholes, and hem.

    As far as bust size goes, no, I don’t have a whole lot to hold back. I’m just about halfway between an A and B and not especially bouncy in any event, so my brassieres don’t require any particularly impressive feats of lingerie engineering.

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