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Flat-Fold Cargo Area

My first experience with the practical potentials of the import hatchback came sometime in the mid-1980s, when a friend’s mom bought a nearlyh-new Honda Civic, not unlike the one my mother-in-law owns:

the famous DX by Meetzorp
the famous DX, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr.

Only Mike’s mom’s car was the blueish-silver color that all the Civics that weren’t brown or murky maroon were painted. Anyway, Mike and his sister figured out (before their mom did) that you could fold down the back seat in sections, either the right-hand side or the left, to gain access to the luggage compartment at the back of the car. So, being mischievous kids, they worked out that they could flip down the left hand side of the seat, so as to be minimally visible via the rearview mirror, and then the two of them could crawl back into the cargo space and “disappear.” The next time their mother cast a “it’s quiet, toooo quiet” glance into the back seat, according to Mike, she just about had an actual cow.

I’m sure there were butt-based repercussions, because it was the 1980s, but this had to have been a thoroughly satisfying prank nonetheless.

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