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Thinking about animated GIFS

and how back in the day, they were kind of a shameful, naff affectation.  The little “website under construction” GIF with the man and shovel, the e-mail GIF, with the little mailbox that flapped open and closed, the dancing baby, and the dancing hamsters.  Everyone did it and everyone reviled each other for having done so (Internet, don’t never change).

But now animated GIFs are like completely freaking awesome and there are ones made from everyone’s favorite TV shows and movies, there are original animations mutated from classic paintings, animated comic strips, and so on.  They are fun, entertaining, provocative, and the heart and soul of Tumblr.

Moreover, an animated GIF can sometimes say as much as a picture, and even then a little bit more.

Right, Ishikawa Rika?

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