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At age sixteen months (fourteen and a half months, adjusted) young Joseph just nailed a pretty big milestone:

Yepyep, the kid can walk now. He’s only been threatening to walk since the beginning of September. He’s been cruising the perimeter of rooms, scuttling around the furniture, and barrelling about the place behind his alligator pushcart these past two months, and two days ago, he finally got up the confidence to let go of a dining room chair and walk over to me in order to pester Griswald, who had settled on my lap for some well-deserved ear rubs.

For reference, here is the young chap two months ago, rockin’ the alligator pushcart. A birthday present from his Auntie Audrey, these gators have racked up some mileage. To wear Bubs out before bedtime, we frequently go down to the new pavement in front of the church at the foot of the street and “run laps” up and down the block. Even now that he can walk unaided, he still likes pushing the cart. It does make an amusing clattering noise as it goes.

The other Little Mister Big Boy moment we recently had was The First Haircut. Given how little hair he has, it wasn’t until he was about fifteen-and-a-half months old before he qualified for a haircut. Gone is the babymullet, replaced by a tidy #4-guard clipper job:


It’s since grown in a bit more, and now that it is all one length, it looks thicker and fuller. His hair is very nearly translucent, and I think it looks pretty cool, actually.

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