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Old-home weekend

IMG_7955, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr. Audrey and I sprung a surprise visit on our Mom for her birthday back at the end of August. I was tickled at how well my dumpster-dive suitcase coordinates with the linoleum in the downstairs bedroom.

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A few months ago, one of my mom’s friends was cleaning out her sewing room and came across a bunch of oddball old sewing patterns from the early 1980s. Mostly it’s children’s or baby clothes, though there were two ladies blouses…one rather dubious 1980s “Italian” style blouse with big shoulders and a floppy collar, and […]

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St. Mary’s (Abandoned)

IMG_7663, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr. Thunderstorm incoming from the west + sunrise happening in the East = glowy abandoned church sandwich.

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1969 McCalls 2226

McCalls 2226 1969, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr. I think this pattern’s pretty badass. I’m going to make it up in yellow cotton with an orange daisy print and orange topstitch detailing on the yoke and inset, but what I REALLY want to do is make it up in red, with black for the […]

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Oak Tower

2008_04_11 029, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr. I’m drunk with the re-found power to post photos directly to my blog from Flickr. It has taken me an embarrasing four years to figure out how to configure a remotely hosted, WordPress-powered blog for said feature. But I’ve got it now, by golly!

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Blue Damselfly

740 091, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr. A pretty test post, no?

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