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So. Good morning to you all. I’ve officially been up since the buttcrack of dawn. (4:45 a.m.)

My brain keeps seizing up. My whole body hurts. The early shift is killing me. Or in any event sucking my will to live.

I have *got* to find a different job, preferably one that doesn’t entail intensive public contact, and *definitely* doesn’t involve coming in to work at 6:00 a.m. two weeks out of every four. Throw an intelligent, reasonably pleasant boss and okay pay into the bargain, and I might never wake up moaning, “oh fuck, do I *hafta* go to work *again* today?”

Ugh. Well, I ‘d better get my shit together and hop on my bike. At least I am going to the library on my lunch break today. That’s a bright spot.

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