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How Long Is It?

I’m happy as a clam, I am! I finally got my hair cut.

Frankly, I’ve been needing this haircut for *years* but I either didn’t have the time, the money, or the inclination before this Friday, so it just grew ,and pulsated, and consumed the souls of the….nah–all it did was get down to ass-length and be a regular nuisance.

My hair was unfeasable, impractically, out-of-control long. It was unweildl. It would wrap up around my armpits when I tried to lounge in the bath. If I wore it down, I’d have to swing it out of the way when I used the toilet (TMI, right?) and take care not to tuck it into my waistband after that. I’d get a headache if I wore it up in a bun, and the bun would be a massive knob, which would unfurl mid-jete’ in ballet class.

I was seriously long-overdue for a haircut, and now I have had it, and my hair is all swingy, and bouncey, and it has proper waves again. I can wear it down, or I can do styles with it, and it doesn’t fuzz out so bad, or tangle up halfway though the scrunchy.

How short is it? Well, short is a debatable concept, since it is now waist-length. Long by anybody’s standards, but a much more practical, managable kind of “long”

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