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A Nice Weekend

What a great (if busy) weekend!

This past weekend started out with a party at one of my friend’s house. She and her husband are pretty new in town, and this was the first time we’d been over to her house. Everyone brought goodies (cookies mostly) and she provided eggnog and coffee and we all munched out and visited and had a good time.

I am hoping to throw a party here eventually. Being as we’re all past the “beer-bash ’til the cops come, headbanging at volume 11” stage of partying, I think with notice beforehand to the landlord, it should not be a problem. New Years is too short of notice, but maybe I’ll throw an “As You Like It Designs” launch party in March or something. Snacks, booze, and bullshitting. What else do you need?

Saturday, I had a dance recital. I kid you not. It was a work-in-progress recital, and as a student of City in Motion, I was encouraged to participate. So, Tony and I represented the tapdancing workshop and made some noise. I think there might be a children’s tap class in the future, as several of the little girls who have a jazz class after the Tap class I take always hang around the doorway and imitate everything we do in class. The little kids in dance are SO cute. There was a pre-ballet/pre-modern movement class (3-year-olds) who did a routine of movements and poses demonstrating height levels from low (crouching on the floor) to high (stretching up on tippytoe) There were several levels of ballet, a couple of really impressive Jazz classes (one moment to give big shouts out to the City In Motion jazz teacher. She choreographs really cool dances. I realize now that Jazz dancing is not incurably dorky, I just took classes before from a teacher who choreographed really daft routines) Also of mention was the beginning Belly Dance class. I think I may take this class next term, as it looks really cool, I love the music, and supposedly Belly Dance is great for sculpting one’s waist.

The recital was great fun. I got the pleasure of performing (and that is kind of the point of dance, isn’t it?). It was a lot of fun to see what the other classes are learning and doing. The little kids were so cute, and such a crackup. You can really tell which ones are enjoying it a lot and getting something out of it. A couple of those little girls were just as hammy as Shirley Temple, as they pranced their way through their dances, ponytails flying and big, cheese-eating grins flashing.

So, on my way home from the recital, I was waiting at a left-turn light, and a guy in a grey station wagon pulled up behind me. I saw him in the rear-view mirror, and damned if he didn’t look strikingly like Worf from ST-NG. He was bald up front and frowning mightly, thus creating a Klingon-like wrinkled forehead, and he had a great deal of enthusiastic, crinkly brown hair sticking out on either side of his head. With him in the car were two small, hairy dogs, possibly of the Shih-Tzu or Pekinese persuasion. Therefore, it seemed that a Klingon was cruising around town with a couple of Tribbles with him.

I need more sleep, obviously.

Saturday night, Todd & I went to see the “Two Towers” with our friend Rob. Definitely enjoyed that one. I think my favorite scene of the entire film was the battle fought by the Ents. It was EXACTLY like I’d imagined it when I read the books. I loved the Ents because they did look just like half-dead, spooky trees. Also, Aragon–hotter than doughnut grease, to borrow one of Julie’s expressions. Whew!

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