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Feliz 2003

Well, I wanted to write a nice entry tonight.

Normally I’m not much of a one of holidays. I’m into New Year’s if I have a party to go to something going on, but this year, I don’t, so it is just another night, with a day off of work midweek following, so I guess I am into NYE for that fact alone.

I’m going to work really hard not to grouse about work. It was one of those typical animosity filled days down at the office, and I will be ecstatic the day I turn in my 2-weeks’ notice. If only those nitwits I work with could learn a little civility, the rest of the job would not be any big thing.

So, big, deep, happy breath. I don’t have to go there tomorrow. Yayeeee!

Reflections on NYEs past.

Last year, party at my friend Julie’s house. It was a good time. Lots of people kind of dropped in and out throughout the evening, and we munched a lot, drank a little, made fun of teenybopper pop stars, wisecracked at goofy movies and swapped drinking stories.

The year before–I don’t honestly remember. I was still working for DST, and was in the fog of a deep, deep depression. I think we *may* have celebrated with Mendi, or else we may have hung out with the lads and played a game or something. Or maybe we didn’t go out. I just can’t remember. I hate depression–it makes you lose chunks of your life. It is like you stop participating, temporarily stop living. Booh.

The year before that (Y2K) we were at a massive geek party in York, with lots of bad wine, massive piles of crisps and cheese-related snacks (a FreakSoc in-joke, I guess. I never did crack the cheese theme) This was a REALLY good party. I remember singing the “Pinky & The Brain” song in the kitchen with like 5 guys, and I remember this wacky little Gothic dude called Chris who went around snogging *everybody* All the Sci-Fi-Club related parties we went to in York were a blast. Those folks know how to party. Another party found me in the kitchen, as part of a circle of people trying to teach a Furby to say “hardcore motherfucker.”

Before that–my last year in college, it was spent in Erik & Ruth’s basement, playing cutthroat UNO with my friends, most of whom got steadily more and more drunk as the evening went on. You would not believe how freakin’ funny UNO can get with four decks and 8 inebriated players.

That’s about as many NYEs that I care to try to remember. Most of the time I don’t have anything that wild and fun to do, so we rent a bunch of movies and veg out. Tonight is no change from that. I think, in a moment, we are either going to watch some of the Dragonball Z episodes the Lads taped for us, or one of the DVDs from the Christmas stash.

Hope y’all have had happy New Year’s Eves, and that 2003 turns out to be a good one. If you pray, pray for no war in 2003. I don’t pray, so I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe join the next protest or something.

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