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Well, well, well.

I’ve got lots and lots of things to hbe happy about these days.

#1. I sat down last Friday night with my current checkbook register and my previous one and did a 6-months’ expense analysis, combined with a 6-months afverage of my husband’s income to determine exactly how much per month I will have to be netting after I quit my current job to keep our household solvent. I’m not going to name numbers, but I am willing to say that with steady sewing business I should be just fine, and I am going to take a part-time job cooking or waitressing or something at first, just to be on the safe side. The whole money thing had been a big worry for me as regards quitting my job and starting my business, so sitting down and doing the math, and figuring out exactly what I *must* bring in to do my fair share in the household financial support was actually a great relief. It gave me a real figure, rather than a bunch of nebulous worries.

#2. I got my business name registered, and I have completed my state tax ID paperwork. I need to contact the federal tax services for their paperwork, if any, and finish my business license application, but I can honestly say I am nearly there. It will be $25 for the tax ID and $25 for the business license, both of which I can write off as business expenses. Yay, Business Expenses! When I get around to buying that dressmaker’s dummy and cutting mats and rotary cutters, I will be able to write them off, too. Wheee!

#3. I sat down with my boss and the department HR liason and had a detailed planning session regarding my furlough time and my projected date of departure. My original targeted end date of March 21 is unfortunately probably not going to work, and I may have to work through April and consider May 3 as my last day there. I have extremely mixed feelings about that, since I REALLY want out of that job, and I had been hoping to pick up some prom work in March & April, but if it will burn a bridge for me to quit in March, then so be it. I don’t need any blots on my resume. However, I have left the door open, as I told my boss I would give her my official word after I had completed my furlough time. The furlough is basically a dry run for what life as a fulltime dressmaker will be like, and I will decide after that point if I can make it viable right now, or if it would be in my better interest to push my official “launch date” back one more month. I mean, in the grand scale of things, one more month is not a HUGE setback.

#4. I’m getting a HAIRCUT! I am going to have my ponytail cut off and donate it to the Locks of Love charity. Almost two feet of virgin hair in excellent condition. And I’ll be getting a chic haircut out of the deal. One of my co-workers who always has really cute hair recommended her hairdresser to me, so I set up an appointment with her. I have the 23rd and 24th off ’cause I scheduled a couple of vacation days, and I am going in for my new do on the 23rd.

#5. Vacation days! I am taking two days off toward the end of the month. Mostly I am going to sew, though I will also be taking the cat to the vet to get her yearly vaccinations and I will be taking myself to the hairdresser to get my aforementioned haircut.

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