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Family visit!

I’m so excited! My folks are coming to visit this weekend, and they are bringing my little sister along with them.


I haven’t gotten to see my sister in over a year. We visited her at her old apartment last year just before Thanksgiving. This year, at Thanksgiving, Todd and I went up to Fargo to visit his grandparents, and Audrey and Levi went back to Nebraska to visit our folks and Levi’s grandparents.

Neither she nor my folks have seen our new apartment. Last winter, Dad came down to have a look at the Scirocco during one of its fits of pique, and nearly got snowed in. We still lived in the Ghetto-UnFabulous Roach Motel. In April we moved to our vastly-more-pleasant current apartment, and since then, my grandparents have visited, but no-one else in the family has seen the new digs (Mom’s going to be impressed with the state of most of my plants!)

All spring, summer and fall, my folks have been wanting to come for a visit, but something always has come up to foul the plans. Well, the plans are sorted, the new (to them) Rabbit pickup is licensed, and they’re on the road. They should be hitting Audrey’s this evening, and continuing on to here Friday afternoon.

It is going to be a pretty short trip, since Sis has to be back in Omaha on Sunday for work, so I don’t think we’ll get out and do much. We’ll probably mostly just sit about and visit, which will be pleasant in and of itself.

I am hoping my folks will be able to make another visit in the Spring, when the weather gets really nice and the open-air market starts back up again for the season. I still haven’t gotten to take them to the Nelson Atkins art museum, or the Arabia Steamboat museum, or the Asian grocery (for wasabi snacks!), the Architectural Salvage shop, the Westport Flea Market, or the Plaza. During Todd’s family’s various visits, we have visited many of the above attractions. There’s lots of cool stuff around that I would love to treat my folks to a visit to, but as yet we’ve not had the chance.

Well, this trip, it will probably mostly be coffee, chit-chat, enchiladas, and relaxing. We shall see what future visits might bring.

Oh, and we have Monty Python videos. Lots of Monty Python videos. Todd gave me a box-set of the entire series of the Flying Circus on DVD!

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