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co·pa·cet·ic or co·pa·set·ic (k p -s t k)
Very satisfactory or acceptable; fine: “You had to be a good judge of what a man was like, and the English was copacetic” (John O’Hara).
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved

Copacetic quite adequately describes my state of mind at the moment. A lot of things are going right at the moment, and for once I’m just feeling peaceful. Enumerated below are many reasons for my current state of contentment. Call it counting blessings for the non-religiously inclined.

1. Did the taxes on time; we’re getting refunds from both state and fed. Last year at this time I was having a nervy B. about the fact that we owed in almost a month’s budget’s worth. Last spring was NOT a happy time. Thanks be we got more withheld and have managed to recoup.

2. On another fiscally improving note, I got a small raise at work. I got the same raise this time last year, but in a lesser amount, as it is a percentage-type raise. The raise is tied to an “excellent service” award. I have a hard time believing my service is that excellent, but what the hell, if the supervisors want to bump me up the payscale and put happy little notes in my HR file, who am I to question? So, I may not especially enjoy my job, but I apparently do a good job of acting like I do.

3. The biggest and best news of all; the Scirocco is sold, and I have saved enough money that with the proceeds from the sale of the Shit-rocco and my little sock-drawer fund, I finally have the money together for the body-work and paint job I have been wanting to have done for my car for so many years. I am so majorly stoked, to use an archaic slang term. My folks said they’d finish stripping the car down, and after Terry or Rod get done with the paint job, I’ll take a couple of vacation days to go back to Nebraska to help put my car back together, then I’ll drive it back home to Kansas City. I’m already making plans about getting the license plates back up to date and getting the garage into a fit state to use. I am so packed full of squee and joy. I am ebullient and annoyingly bouncy. I’ve been idly daydreaming of the day when my car was restored back to its homely 1959 Volkswagenish glory, and that day is steadily coming closer. I’ll be toodling around without a proper interior for a while, until I can save up for a good resto kit from Rocky Mountain Motorworks, but the end is finally in sight. I am considering personalized license plates, eventually. “NOT4SALE” is the one I really want, and failing that, “FAHRV59” would be excellent, as well.

Many other good things are abounding:

1. Todd’s training up for a new job at his work; one which is typically a precursor to lower-managerial positions. Also, it sounds like a set of tasks appropriate for him. He will be running around in the catwalks breaking up jams of packages; a gig which his agility, speed, and endurance will well suit. There should be minimal chances for large boxes to fall and hit him in the head or otherwise dash down upon his body. I’m in favor of boxes not falling upon my husband for fairly obvious reasons. The fact that this job may well lead into something with a little authority, better pay, and better hours, well, that’s nothing to sneeze at, either.

2. Party with the local 3WAction crew and possibly Ysabella at the end of the month. At the famous 40 Sardines. I’m looking forward to it immensely. It’s been too long since I’ve seen everyone.

3. Gardening season; enough said!

4. Wedding dress commission, potential other jobs forthcoming.

I need to scrape together a little more energy and ambition and get more hats put together and see about selling them locally. I’m thinking about doing some handbags and wallets/coin-purses pretty soon, too. Not too many people wear hats that regularly, but practically everyone uses some sort of a bag. Heck, if that dippy Nicky Hilton can design a line of purses, I should think I could. I need to see about forging some sort of professional relationship with Isabelle of Isabelle’s down in the Crossroads or seeing if the woman who runs the shop down on 39th street would still be interested in some hats. I am trying to build up a fund in my business account that I can use to place newspaper ads occasionally and to use to build up fabric stock and print flyers and otherwise promote my business. I’m trying to add a page to my website per evening until I get it completely updated to my liking, then I am going to try to keep it more current, adding pictures and text as I complete projects.

I know some of my happiness is comfort with having a lot of loose ends tied up, some of it is anticipation of good things to come, and some of it is simply chemical. The days are getting warmer and longer, so my S.A.D. has departed me, and the Sarafem is doing a fine, fine job of eradicating the chronic, low-level depression I’d been living with for some years. Frankly, I just want to say that it feels damn good to be feeling good. I know I used to whinge a whole lot in my old journal, mostly about my job, and while I am not enjoying it much more now than I was then, I don’t feel like it is ruining my life that I am working a job that has nothing to do with my education, interests, or abilities. I mean, sure I would be ecstatic to be doing something I am passionate about, but this pays the bills and isn’t that awfully bad. Getting rid of the depression helped me deal with the disappointment, frustration, and irritation that my job can generate. I still have those days when I’d pick up and walk off of the job and take a mental health day or three if it wouldn’t get me canned, but I seem to be better at waiting out the crisis than I used to be. It definitely contributes to my sense of inner peace.

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