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1. It’s a lot like taking a shower, except without the soap and the naked and the getting clean, and with a whole lot more activity and grit. So not much like a shower at all, except for getting wet.

2. Drivers are even less likely to see you.

3. The grit can get up your brake cable tubes and make your brakes drag for days.

4. It is REALLY uncomfortable when your jeans are totally soaked and mud works its way through the fabric and sands your skin every time you move your legs.

5. I think whatever was stinging my eyes wasn’t yuk splashing up from the street–I think it was dried sweat from inside my helmet rehydrating and running down my forehead into my eyes.

6. That is a VERY disgusting ephipany.

7. After my drenching on Tuesday and my soaking today, both of my pairs of shoes are wet, so I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow for footwear.

8. It is really hard to ride on the street when the gutters are overflowing with water, especially when the water comes up over your ankles. The resistance is something amazing.

9. All things considered, I vastly prefer to ride when the weather doesn’t suck!

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